emotional Metaphoric Resonance Imaging


I like to think of a metaphor mirror as a sort of eMRI - emotional Metaphoric Resonance Imaging. The acronym has vied for years for the title of the technique. 

fMRI – functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging - is a high-tech, medical diagnostic procedure used to scan and show internal, physical structures that would otherwise remain invisible. In fMRI, when an intense magnetic field is applied, protons in the targeted area tip in-and-out of alignment. The subsequent "resonance" of certain of the protons creates three dimensional images we can then see and study. 

In eMRI, a metaphoric field tips psycho-neurological components of intuition in-and-out of alignment within the sensory source domain proposed by the Sense-Metaphor Questionnaire. Resonance occurs when a “match” arises, revealing the internal emotional structures we’re targeting. Instead of tissue and bone, we identify feelings, scanning and imaging them in poetic form.